Right in the middle of an otherwise civilized interview with Wisconsin master cheesemaker Roger Krohn, the Green Bay Press Gazette breaks some rather disturbing news. Krohn says that the Center for Dairy Research in Madison, Wisconsin, “has actually developed ‘Fun Flavors’ of string cheese, which should appeal to kids. They have come up with flavors such as bubble gum, sour apple, and raspberry. I have had the opportunity to sample this flavored string cheese, and it is quite good. It combines ‘sweet and salty’ which is a very popular combination in snack foods right now.”

In defense of my home state: Wisconsin makes more than 600 varieties of cheese, regularly wins more international cheese competition awards than any other country (not state; country), and was recently in the news for its ultra-luxe 15-year-old Hook’s aged cheddar.

So… on that note, let’s welcome Fun Flavored string cheese with glad hearts and an open mind. Who knows! Bubble gum flavored cheese! Could be surprisingly subtle and nuanced!

Ai yi yi.

Image source: Flickr member Pink Sherbet Photography under Creative Commons

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