Pizza pioneer Papa John’s—whose use of pepperoncini and packets of liquid butter (oops, “garlic dipping sauce”) busted open markets from coast to coast—is at it again. Not content to rest with its groundbreaking website-driven ordering system, the chain is rolling out a service to let customers order via text message.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Customers first create an account online where they save as many as four different ‘favorite’ orders that include any combination of pizza, sides and drinks, as well as a delivery address or carry-out information and payment type. Once that’s complete, customers can send a text message at any time using the shorthand ‘FAV1,’ ‘FAV2,’ ‘FAV3’ or ‘FAV4.’

Regardless of the personal health and nutrition impact of this new, hyperfast method of pizza ordering, you’ve got to hand it to the chain: Introducing a new ordering technology will convert instantly into massive national press coverage, if media reaction to the online ordering system is predictive.

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