“From the outside, Philly West is just another westside storefront,” says PaulF. “The street’s a little too bright in the sun, the BMW-Hyundai ratio along Westwood tilts dramatically in favor of the Germans and not the Koreans.”

But inside, it’s a hidden gem of a bar, pleasantly dark, plenty of sports memorabilia, a couple of TVs—and a great, great burger.

The bartender is as affable to newbies as to regulars—and there’s a guy who looks like he’s been sitting on his stool since Goldwater ran for president. It’s a mixed crowd, with some guys in construction garb and others in suits, their ties flipped over their shoulders to chow down on their sandwiches.

“In a world that’s been lessened by the ubiquitous pre-made beef patty and the set in stone sesame seed bun, the Philly West burger is an original,” says PaulF. The bun is a chewy, tasty sandwich roll; the burger, obviously hand-formed, is topped with perfectly grilled onions.

The burger itself is strongly beefy, flame-broiled with a nice but light char on the outside; it’s soft and juicy inside. OK, it could use a bit more salt and pepper, but a little of each “would elevate this sandwich to near-legendary status.” The half-pound burger is about $5 without cheese.

Fries are very good, and so is the Philly cheesesteak (there are several iterations). The menu overall looks pretty appealing, including a made-to-order egg salad.

Oh, and very key for Westwood: This place has a parking lot.

Speaking of Philly cheesesteaks, shenry is sad to report the closure of Markie D’s. After 20-plus years in the food industry, Markie is hanging up his grill spatula and moving on. There will be new owners and a similar menu but different recipes.

That leaves the aforementioned Philly West as probably the best purveyor of cheesesteaks on the Westside, says nosh.

SauceSupreme guesses his default will now be Big Mike’s. It serves a mean beef sandwich, confirms DiveFan.

Philly West Bar & Grill [Westside–Inland]
1870 Westwood Boulevard, Westwood


Big Mike’s Philly Steaks [South Bay]
507 Main Street, El Segundo

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