The tasty comfort food at Honduran restaurant El Katracho is enough to console Diana for the loss of a beloved Ethiopian restaurant that once occupied the same space.

First out are hot, thick chips drizzled with a light tomato sauce and sprinkled with what looks and tastes like Parmesan. Also for starters try a baleada—a thick Honduran tortilla folded over beans, onions, and cream, or, for breakfast, eggs, beans, and more. The warm, lightly charred tortilla goes great with the flavorful beans.

Honduran fried chicken is juicy beyond belief and deliciously seasoned, with a thin crust. It comes with lightly fried plantains (the not-sweet kind) and cabbage salad. You’re likely to get either a leg with thigh or breast with wing, so if you have a preference, you’d better specify.

Marinated shrimp come nestled in cabbage salad and some white rice drizzled with sauce, with tortillas on the side. The shrimp are juicy and flavorful, cooked just right.

“My husband’s chicken came with a massive pile of lightly fried plantains and more of the cabbage salad,” says Diana. “[T]he crust on the chicken wasn’t overly thick (this is what we both prefer, we’re not into thick crusty chicken, usually).”

The menu has a lot of appealing soups, including conch. Mango margarita (blended) tastes of fresh mango purée, and if you’re with a group you can get a bucket of six beers for under $20. There are also other margaritas and fruit juices.

El Katracho Restaurant [San Fernando Valley–West]
14838 Burbank Boulevard, Sherman Oaks

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