Traveling next week? Many are, since Thanksgiving is the busiest air travel season of the year. Speaking of Thanksgiving, if you’re leavin’ on a jet plane you’ll be giving thanks to New York magazine’s Grub Street blog for its post “How to Master the World of Airport Dining.” Because though some cities may boast that the food at their hubs is quite passable, most of us have to make do with wilted salads and stale sandwiches.

Grub Street’s tips on assembling a good meal while waiting around for your flight range from the inventive (“Ingest That Spirulina”) to the basic (“Chicken Salad Is the Devil”). But even though it’s practically duh-inducing to read that traveling first class will get you some decent eats, it still pays to bone up on any and every tip that will help get you through what promises to be a gnarly visit to the airport.

Of course, with sufficient preplanning, you could always bring your own food to tide you over. Or you could wait until you get on the plane in the vain hope of being served something decent.

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