Here’s something new and fun for all the food- and music-lovers out there—especially those who have already sampled Patti LaBelle’s hot sauce, marked their calendars for the No Reservations holiday special featuring Queens of the Stone Age (December 10 at 10 p.m. on the Travel Channel!), and seen every episode of Sam Mason’s Dinner with the Band. Now, the recently launched Cooking with Rockstars website/show brings us backstage with indie rockers to chat about their favorite recipes—and about food in general.

The soft-spoken Sam Beam of Iron and Wine shares a recipe for steamed beets, carrots, and kale with garlic and ginger, and John Vanderslice talks at length about his spaghettini puttanesca. That said, not all rock stars are gourmands. Jack Black, who’s more of a movie star than a rock star but also plays in Tenacious D, shares his recipe for a Dorito Burrito. John Schmersal of Enon, who (like most members of touring bands) has eaten more than his share of fast food, clues us in to a favorite drive-through item:

I’m not a vegetarian, but the spicy bean burger that Burger King has is most delicious. I will actually get it every once in a while as a treat.

The videos are shot backstage and in parking lots, so you’re getting all talk and no cooking action, but the sound bites are interspersed between snippets of the bands’ live performances. In the site’s recipe section host Jennifer Robbins shares her own favorite dishes, along with recipes from all the bands.

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