First Rachael Ray gets her own talk show in September. Now we learn from Variety that Giada De Laurentiis, who hosts Everyday Italian and Behind the Bash on the must-eat TV channel, has inked a “continuing correspondent” deal with NBC’s Today.

Reactions to Giada’s cheflebrity states are wide and varying. Over at Television Without Pity, there’s a thread devoted to her called “Everyday Italian in Little Big Head’s Kitchen,” (a nod to her ginormous head), in which both fans and foes can post profane or drooling reactions to their snarky hearts’ content. Another television site, TVGasm, even has a “Giada Watch” where Giada’s head size is hysterically measured by a “Natalie Portman Index” or “NPI.”

The blog 15 Minute Lunch doesn’t mince words when reacting to the large-mouthed lass and even professes to have nightmares about Giada, adding, “I don’t know if it’s just her humongous insane-person grin that bugs me, or the fact that the cameraman sees fit to show us a close up of her uvula every time she speaks…”

If he can get the lambs to stop screaming, Giada could show him how to serve it with a little basil-mint pesto.

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