Taqueria Margoth is a humble, family-owned Salvadoran joint. It has the absolute best pupusas in the city by a long shot, says inmandarin. Chicharrón pupusa is phenomenal—filled with mighty shreds of fried pork, bursting with flavor, and boasting the thinnest, crispiest flour shell of any pupusa you’ve ever seen. It’s a completely different balance of outer shell and doughy innards from your run-of-the-mill pupusa. It may not be authentic, but who cares? It’s delicious!

The masa quality of the tamal pollo ($1.75) blows away every other tamal joint inmandarin has tried. It’s steamy hot, ultragrainy, and wonderfully soft.

If you thought Ingleside was a dead-end neighborhood for food, you are so wrong. Go eat some tamals.

Taqueria Margoth [Ingleside]
300 Plymouth Avenue, San Francisco

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