It wasn’t such a long time ago when it seemed like the whole world was into slacking and inconspicuous consumption. Now everything is bling.

The food world is certainly not immune to this syndrome, as recent Grinder posts have proven.

Grub Street, New York magazine’s food blog, breaks down the city’s mania for the white truffle—the ne plus ultra of “I’ve got money and I’m going to spend it” ingredients—reporting that rock stars and the like can now spend $1,000 for a bagel that’s spread with white-truffle cream cheese and a Riesling jelly with goji berries (OK, those don’t mix very well) before being garnished with 23-karat edible gold leaves.

Other baroquely indulgent reasons to fly your private jet to New York: truffle-laced mac ’n’ cheese at the Waverly Inn, and a $25,000 diamond-studded sundae dubbed “Frrozen Haute Chocolate.”

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