degustateur has recently gone on a marlin taco binge. His very favorite marlin taco joint: Mariscos El Rey, followed closely by the marlin tacos at Mariscos Chente.

Mariscos El Rey serves wonderful marlin tacos, simply made, with superb rice and beans, says degustateur. These are for the purist, because this stuff tastes like real marlin: stronger, oilier, more pungent.

Just blissful, says Dommy. Dommy gives a slight edge to Mariscos Chente’s version, but loves them both. She loves El Rey’s intense marlin flavor, but the texture of Chente’s taco pushes it into the lead. “I think both versions of the tacos (and that bontana plate, OMG!) are worth a taste for all hounds,” says Dommy.

Mariscos El Rey also has worthy botanas (appetizers), says degustateur, as well as tostaditos, little warm bites on tortilla chips.

Mariscos El Rey [South L.A.]
3100 East Imperial Highway, 

Mariscos Chente [Westside – Beaches]
4532 South Centinela Avenue, Los Angeles

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