A coronary!

The situation may not be that dire, but in a study released on Tuesday, researches noted that energy drinks like Red Bull and the Coca-Cola-made Full Throttle may increase heart rate and blood pressure. According to the study’s lead researcher, “We saw increases in both blood pressure and heart rate in healthy volunteers who were just sitting in a chair watching movies. They weren’t exercising. They were in a resting state.”

The American Beverage Association counters that coffee also has effects on blood pressure, and that energy drinks (a rapidly expanding beverage category in case you hadn’t noticed) were being unfairly singled out.

Still, it may not be the caffeine that’s raising heart rate, but the taurine.

Meanwhile, another study released this week confirms that the slightly chunky have a lower death rate than either the superthin or the very chubby. But don’t load up on fats to chunk up: Although the jury’s still out on whether dietary fats make you fat, a diet high in fat can, according to yet another study released this week, disrupt your circadian clock, making you actually eat calories when you should be sleeping. Apparently, in this case, it’s better to snooze and lose (weight, that is).

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