When will the idiocy end? The Telegraph reports that Pitstop Brewery of Britain has created “The Hop,” a beer that registered 323 International Bittering Units (IBUs), “beating the previous record of 200 held by American beer Devil Dance Triple IPA.” The essentially undrinkable beer (even the creator says he can only drink it in limited amounts) is notable for its sheer hoppiness and nothing else. Its creator is quoted as saying: ”It is always nice to beat the Americans and put a British flag on the bitterest pint.”

But why? What’s nice about this? Is it nice to create a cupcake with the tallest frosting? A wine with the most grapes smashed per bottle? A sandwich with the most layers of ham on it? Like the equally stupid contest for who can make the world’s most alcoholic beer, this particular pissing match teaches us nothing about flavor, balance, or history—it is, instead, a tribute to The Dumb Stuff That People Do for Media Attention.

And, yes, obviously it worked. Touché.

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