Chef Eric, formerly of Tsuru and currently heading the kitchen at May Garden, is a wonder and worth more than he charges, says Pei. She had a great Taiwanese banquet at his new restaurant.

Round up a group and make sure to call ahead for the banquet option, or you’ll end up eating orange chicken and other Americanized offerings. Standout dishes include deep-fried seafood rolls, freshly boiled mochi, squid rolls with masago and seaweed, Taiwanese sticky rice, and Buddha Jumps Over the Wall. russkar loves the giant sashimi platter and lobster or shark fin soup.

The price can be anywhere from $30 to double that, depending on what you order. Getting lobster or shark fin soup can make a huge price difference without a huge taste difference, cautions Pei.

May Garden [Orange County]
1400 SE Bristol Street, Santa Ana

Board Link: May Garden (Santa Ana)

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