The Richmond prick is not that guy from the neighborhood who never called the next day, or even several days later. It’s an appetizer of delicious beer-battered cactus with chipotle aioli at Up & Under, a great new pub in Point Richmond, says rworange.

With St. Patrick’s Day over, you probably won’t be seeing the incredibly flavorful corned beef and cabbage, but if the oyster, clam, and shrimp po’ boy is offered as a special, pounce on it, says rworange. That excellent beer batter shows up on a big pile of seafood, with slaw to cut the fried richness. “I scarfed down every last magically delicious bite,” she says.

The burger is a perfectly executed classic, not an artisan reboot: charbroiled as you like it, the bun lightly toasted, your choice of four cheeses plus red onion, lettuce, tomato slices, and dill pickle spear.

Creamy clam chowder breaks from tradition with a touch of cheddar, but it gets a New Englander’s seal of approval from rworange.

Up & Under Pub and Grill [East Bay]
2 W. Richmond Avenue, Richmond

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