Blondies, brownies’ butterscotch-flavored siblings, can be loaded with nuts and chocolate chips or left plain to highlight the melding of butter and brown sugar. Dark brown sugar gives an intense butterscotch flavor, while light brown sugar makes for a mellower blondie.

“Whatever recipe you use,” says bushwickgirl, “you can ramp up the richness of the blondie by browning the butter first.”

Try these recipes on for size:

• CHOW’s Nutty White Chocolate Blondies have a classic flavor combination.

Martha Stewart’s brown butter toffee blondies, “My favorite hands-down,” says ladyberd.

Smitten Kitchen’s recipe is both incredibly simple and “infinitely adaptable,” says Whats_For_Dinner; they have a dense and fudgy texture.

Golden nut, fruit, and chip bars. “The combination of cherries, cashews, and chocolate chips with the brown sugar taste in the background is irresistible,” veggielover says.

Rubee loves Dorie Greenspan’s peanuttiest blondies, made with crunchy peanut butter, chopped peanuts, and chocolate chips.

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