When avocados are perfectly ripe, simple preparations that highlight their rich flavor are in order.

Avocado chimichurri bruschetta “really appeals to me when I want a rich, creamy lunch, [and] simple prep,” says HillJ.

• Michael Chiarello’s green goddess dressing, in which grilled avocados are a main ingredient.

Cold avocado soup

• For the adventurous, avocado pound cake and chocolate avocado cake with avocado buttercream.

Should you have a surfeit of ripe avocados, freezing preserves them for later use surprisingly well. You can freeze prepared guacamole, “but you can also just freeze the avocado flesh for other uses,” says goodhealthgourmet. “Halve, quarter, dice, or mash—whatever will be most convenient when you defrost—and store in freezer bags.” She coats their surfaces with lemon or lime juice to preserve color. just_M freezes them whole, still in their skins.

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