There’s a certain magical aroma and flavor that define a particular form of Japanese fried rice called chahan. A select few are completely addicted to it—and it’s hard to find. When you order fried rice at most Japanese spots you get yakimeshi, which is the fully Japanese version. At a few places you can get chahan, which is closer to the original Chinese flavors but with a hint of Japanese sensibility.

The chahan served at Tanpopo is delicious, says kare_raisu. And peacemeal says, “I just got back from a week in Tokyo where I strived to places that had good chahan, and sad to say, I was not able to find chahan like I had in the old days. I was describing to my traveling companions that the closest thing to what I was seeking was Tampopo’s back in SF.”

That mysterious flavor and aroma come from a combination of smoky pork, sweet egg, and the slight smoky energy of the wok, says kare_raisu. It’s a drug—an addictive, addictive drug.

Tanpopo Japanese Restaurant [Pacific Heights]
1740 Buchanan Street, San Francisco

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