Good espresso is rare in the Bay Area and unheard of in restaurants. All the good espresso is at a few specialty coffee shops and kiosks, right? TopoTail was shocked to discover exemplary espresso at Bar Bambino. It serves beautifully pulled, crema-laden espresso shots and perfect macchiatos. Bambino uses Ecco Caffè’s world-class coffee, and the waiters are all well trained in barista craft.

You get your choice of northern or southern Italian roast. Northern Italian is light, which lets the floral and spicy flavors shine through; southern Italian is darker, smoother, with fewer high notes. Even the decaf espresso drinks are exemplary, which is pretty shocking in and of itself.

Bambino also serves fabulous Italian food—like inventive bruschetta; pork braised in milk with sage and lemon; and eggplant balls with pine nuts, raisins, and tomato sauce.

Bar Bambino [Mission]
2931 16th Street, San Francisco

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