Exhausted from a conference in Chicago, Prav had a craving for Indian comfort food and decided to give the relatively new (opened this winter) Singh’s Cafe a try. He enumerates its many charms:

• Chicken tikka masala was well-balanced, with tender chicken hunks and “a rich sauce that wasn’t too greasy.”

Laccha paratha, a flaky flatbread, had distinct layers, and “the dough had a home-made taste with a slight masala-y background.”

• Naan had “spots of fluffy chewiness and buttery crispiness.”

• The room is cozy and cute, and the owners unusually hospitable: When Prav came early to pick up a takeout order, he was presented with a wonderful little bowl of dal, as well as a complimentary glass of mango lassi. “They must have been reading my mind, because I was totally fiendin’ for a mango lassi, and was close to ordering one for the road. It was mango-y and delicious. Not overly sweet, and not stingily watered down.”

terrycatch adds that the Punjabi kadhi pakora (dumplings in yogurt sauce), lasuni gobi (cauliflower with garlic), and onion kulcha were similarly excellent, but the wines they tried were lousy. “Otherwise—even though you’re still dining in an apartment building basement—definitely impressive and definitely worth a return visit.”

Singh’s Cafe [MetroWest]
312 Washington Street, Wellesley

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