SeaSide Tomato screeched to a halt—in the rain, no less—when she saw the brand-spanking-new Alba Deli Express in Quincy, owned by Leo Keka, the same guy who runs the well-regarded Alba Restaurant. It’s so new it was advertising for help on Craigslist last week. But it’s already hitting its stride in some areas. SeaSide bought a big square of good eggplant lasagne and some “chicken liver salad,” which turned out to be chicken liver pâté with egg and onions. “So yummy,” she sighs.

There are specialty groceries and deli stuff as well; the meat for the turkey sandwich is cut right off the bone, but KaitlynBarry complained that it was dry. goose tried the “crackstrami” instead, house-made pastrami on light, dark, or marble rye. The whole shebang was the “best I’ve had in the area,” says goose. “I’m equally excited to try the brisket next time, as it looked amazing.”

Alba Deli Express [South Shore]
1085 Hancock Street, Quincy

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