Those fortunate few diners who manage to wrangle reservations at Spain’s famed El Bulli go home with a wallet that is significantly lighter, but there is another gift with purchase they don’t tell you about. Joy, also known as the Restaurant Whore, made the El Bulli pilgrimage and is dishing out the down-and-dirty truth on her blog. And that truth, according to Joy, is that “you feel like total shit the day after eating at El Bulli.”

You might think it a mere hangover, but Joy and her husband didn’t drink much that night. They got a decent amount of sleep. What could have caused their feelings of ill health?

Our assessment? The body was not designed to ingest that many chemicals in one meal. I remember the drive back to Barcelona, roundabout after fucking roundabout, being filled with burps that tasted like we’d quenched our thirst at a toxic spill. Stomachs distended, our conversation on the road to the airport consisted mostly of us saying ‘Wow, I feel like crap,’ ‘Yeah, me too.’ Repeat.

Would Joy return to El Bulli, chemical hangover notwithstanding? She answers in true Restaurant Whore fashion: “Fuck, yeah. … It was the experience of a lifetime.”

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