Royal Riviera pears from Harry & David are fat, luscious Comice pears, and they are fabulous, says Shayna Madel. They make a showy and delicious gift, but if you’re not ordering them to impress somebody, get the Maverick Royal Rivieras. They’re slightly less perfect-looking and cost a bit less than the gift-grade pears.

LNG212 appreciates that the pears arrive perfectly ripe and likes the abundance of the package. The only problem is that a small household would have to consume three or four pears a day to finish the box before the pears went bad. “[T]hat ripeness and abundance combination would be perfect if one were having a party or something. It just doesn’t work when the box is for one or two people.”

Striver thinks Harry & David pears are a good size and have good flavor but aren’t markedly superior to Comice pears available at much lower prices.

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