They call it the “fleischgeist”—the impression that meat is everywhere. People are not only talking about whether it’s grass-fed or cloned, they’re also doctoring wounds with bacon band-aids and decorating bathrooms with meat shower curtains.

The word comes from Meatpaper magazine editors Amy Standen and Sasha Wizansky, who approach this increasingly odd, increasingly diverse subject intelligently and broadly. (Full disclosure: They’re friends of mine. But if they weren’t, I would want to meet them.) The quarterly magazine is populist and academic, beautiful and shocking. It’s flesh for fantasy in its poetry and art (a dress made of meat); flesh for thought in its essays and reportage (slaughtering goat in Oaxaca).

Meatpaper Magazine, $28 for a one-year subscription. Also available at Barnes & Noble and many independent bookstores.

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