hrhboo tasted her way through some of the best sushi spots in town, looking for the perfect ankimo experience. The best bargain? The stunning ankimo nigiri at Echigo: “The slices were so big that they didn’t fit on the rice, so about 1.5 inches were cut off the ends and served on the side. Really, really delicious, and a bargain at $5.” It’s a worthy second to the incredible stuff at Sushi Zo, which is also warm and naturally textured—sliced off the lobe, not molded.

The famed Echigo lunch special, now $12, is very fresh and very good: salmon, snapper, tuna, albacore, and yellowtail nigiri, and a blue crab hand roll. The nori is beautifully toasted and crisp, the rice warm and loose. But vinosnob comments that the sauces that accompany almost every piece of nigiri overpower the butteriness of the fish.

Kiriko is a different kettle of fish—or rice, actually. The fish is stellar, but the rice is not warm. Nigiri includes some unusual options like barracuda and bonito, both excellent, and the house-smoked salmon, absolutely sublime. Ankimo here is more like a pâté, served cold.

Lunch omakase also includes a blue crab hand roll, miso soup, and a salad—a lot of food for $32.

Echigo [Westside]
12217 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles

Sushi Zo [Westside]
9824 National Boulevard, Los Angeles

Kiriko [Westside]
11301 W. Olympic Boulevard #102, Los Angeles

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Ankimo at Kiriko…not so much.

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