George’s may look like nothing special, but it makes the best pizza in Washington Heights, with decent cheese and chunky, piquant tomato sauce on a nice crisp crust. “A lot better than you’d expect for the area,” says surly. “If it were in Midtown or downtown, I have no doubt that it would be very popular.”

Delivery pies might show up undercooked, warns Spoony Bard, but a few minutes in your oven will bring the crust to proper crispness.

In Inwood, Grandpa’s Brick Oven Pizza offers a pretty good plain slice and bargain-priced 12-inch personal pizza (just $7 with one topping). But georgie warns us away from vegetable toppings, which are undercooked.

George’s Pizza [Washington Heights]
726 W. 181st St., betw. Broadway and Fort Washington Ave., Manhattan

Grandpa’s Brick Oven Pizza [Inwood]
4973 Broadway, at Isham St., Manhattan

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