Not sure you want to cough up the money for organic produce? According to an article in the London Times, “The biggest study into organic food has found that it is more nutritious than ordinary produce and may help to lengthen people’s lives.” Also, “the differences were so marked that organic produce would help to increase the nutrient intake of people not eating the recommended five portions a day of fruit and vegetables.” Those tomatoes might be worth the extra ducats.

The study found that organic fruit and vegetables contained as much as 40% more antioxidants, which scientists believe can cut the risk of cancer and heart disease. … They also had higher levels of beneficial minerals such as iron and zinc.

The four-year study was based on fruit, vegetables, and cattle raised on adjacent plots—organic and nonorganic. It was found that milk from the organic herds contained up to 90 percent more antioxidants than the nonorganic milk.

Ministers in Britain and the Food Standards Agency have said that eating organic food is no more than a lifestyle choice, but in the wake of this study they may be reconsidering. “This weekend the Food Standards Agency confirmed that it was reviewing the evidence before deciding whether to change its advice,” said the article.

I’m guessing that given the option of a midreview snack, they’d take the organic carrot sticks.

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