All rightie, the early reports last year on Spencer on the Go, a mobile truck from the Chez Spencer folks, were dubious. How are you going to eat frog legs off a paper plate while standing in a parking lot? It turns out the key is to grab your food and retreat to the wine bar across the street, “a very popular activity,” notes Paul H.

Some of the food is still not so mobile friendly, but one brilliant invention is the escargot lollipop: escargot encased in puff pastry with garlic butter, on a stick. “Puffy, light, yet also delicious and filling,” says vulber. You get two for $2, a more impressive deal than the $12 foie gras torchon. It’s good stuff—“what can I say, Chez Spencer knows how to make foie,” Robert Lauriston says—but not a great value in terms of portion size.

Although Robert has had issues with soggy crusts, SteveG had amazing white prawns on beautifully browned puff pastry and “delicious subtle spicing to the prawns, cooked perfectly.” vulber’s favorite was the port-braised lamb cheek sandwich, “by far the best sandwich I’ve ever had, and one of the best pieces of lamb.” It’s bursting with flavor, and just $10.

The “warm pudding” is underwhelming, vulber says, but “I still had an incredible 3-course French meal for $17,” and you sure can’t beat that.

Spencer on the Go [SOMA]
300 Seventh Street, San Francisco
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