SPQR serves Roman cuisine “as best as it can be done in California,” says DavidT. The menu changes often—sometimes daily—as the ingredients change. If you get there early, you may have to wait for the menu to finish printing. And the food? Fresh, delicious, and soul-nourishing.

chaddict loves, loves, loves this place. It serves the best carbonara he has ever had in his life. “Pasta was perfectly salted, perfect ratio of guanciale, black pepper, and pecorino.”

It’s hard to give recommendations because of the frequent menu changes, but among the dishes Chowhounds have loved in the past is perfectly fried suppli al telefono with a light outer coating, perfectly cooked riso, and melty, gooey cheese. House-made pork sausage with farro, mint, and cucumber is seasoned perfectly. “This is why God invented the pig!” says chaddict. Roast chanterelles with sunchokes and pancetta is absolutely delicious and a perfect fall dish, says cortez. Other great stuff: stewed shelling beans with eggs that have been soft-cooked, covered in breadcrumbs, and deep-fried; polenta and ricotta pancake; and grilled zucchini stuffed with ricotta.

The place is small and unpretentious, with very knowledgeable servers.

SPQR [Pacific Heights]
1911 Fillmore Street, San Francisco

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