Nancy Berry is all over Au’s Kitchen, an awesome new Cantonese place. Especially great: clay pot dishes, especially the one with chicken feet, spareribs, and rice.

“This is the real deal—it takes 20 minutes to prepare, but the delicious crispy rice crust in the clay pot makes it worth every minute.” At dinnertime only, you can have the waiter pour delicious broth into your clay pot at the end of your meal, making a neat little digestif.

Also great: a-choi with preserved bean curd (look for “sauté lettuce with preserved bean curd” on the menu), eggplant and catfish on a sizzling platter (with a nice hoisin garlic flavor), and dry-fried green beans with fabulous spicy minced pork sauce.

It has great lunch specials, too—generous amounts of entrée, with spring roll, soup, and rice, for $6 to $8.

Avoid the deep-fried squid. Also, says RWCFoodie, an attempt to meet the tastes of the unadventurous ended in failure. Chow mein is tasteless; eggplant with garlic sauce is gloppy and gross. So stay away from any of the vaguely American Chinese dishes, and go straight for the pure Cantonese stuff.

Au’s Kitchen [Peninsula]
851 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno

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