RHT in JAX‘s oxtail experiences have not been promising. RHT in JAX has sampled oxtail at two restaurants, and “at each place, it seems like a chore to get the meat off the bone, as there is still a lot of fatty connective tissue.” Is it worth trying again?

Don’t give up, says giveittomikey. When prepared properly, they are delicious! “They should be fall off the bone tender,” he says. “This way the natural gelatin in the bone has also thickened the gravy.” There should be no problem getting the meat off the bone: “the problem seems to be that in some cases people do not allow enough time for them to simmer slowly,” says giveittomikey. “When I fix oxtails, I cook them till the cartilage disks separate from the bones,” says paulj.

In addition to cooking time, there’s also a quality issue. “You need good tail and to cook it properly,” says joonjoon. “There are cheap tail out there that never soften up no matter how long you cook it. For me the perfect oxtail is bursting with fat and gelatin and falls right off the bone.” racer x agrees. “I prefer them meatier and fattier myself,” he says. “The fatty ones are horrible for your health, I’m sure, which is why I rarely eat them nowadays, but they tend to be more tender and flavorful.”

If you’re going to try your hand at cooking oxtail, you might like this recipe for Oxtail and Barley Soup.

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