No other hot sauce seems to have as much street cred or as much of a cult following as Huy Fong Foods’ Sriracha sauce, a.k.a. Rooster Sauce. The bottle with the green top is found all over the country, from grocery shelves in Asian markets and Walmart, to restaurants ranging from the neighborhood pho joint to Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s Perry St.

While the label has a few suggestions for what to do with the sauce, we wanted more. The following list of ideas, many culled from our Chowhound boards, will help you use more of the “crack” condiment in your cooking.

1. Use as a marinade for grilled chicken or short ribs.

2. Toss with diced firm tofu, then bake.

3. Add to aioli and use as a dip for sweet potato fries.

4. Squirt on ground meat for seasoning burritos and tacos.

5. Spread on fish, then grill.

6. Stir into mashed potatoes.

7. Drizzle it on your scrambled eggs instead of Tabasco.

8. Combine with sour cream to make a spicy potato chip dip.

9. Add to lentil soup for extra kick.

10. ArikaDawn mixes it with strawberry jam as a sweet/hot dip for pretzels.

11. toodie jane mixes it into softened butter, adds a few drops of liquid smoke, and spreads it over corn on the cob.

12. Put it in your oatmeal. (The expert in our You’re Doing It All Wrong: Oatmeal video wouldn’t disagree.)

13. Dirty Frank’s, a restaurant in Columbus, Ohio, sells a hot dog with Sriracha coleslaw (via New York Times).

14. wayne keyser uses it to make a “quick-and-dirty BBQ sauce,” which consists of:

Moderate amount of dark molasses
Good-sized amount of Sriracha
Garlic powder
Worcestershire sauce
Sugar to taste

15. Add to vanilla frosting for cupcakes.

16. Mix it into a Bloody Mary.

17. Use instead of salsa with chips.

18. A few Chowhounds swear by adding Sriracha to a peanut butter sandwich. klieglight2 says, “A lot of people look at me in disgust when I do this, but the flavour of the chilies, garlic and subtle sweetness of the Sriracha go so well with PB.”

19. Mix into macaroni and cheese.

20. Add to honey for a spicy-sweet wing glaze.

21. Honey Bee mixes it with sour cream, dark sesame oil, honey, lime juice, and fish sauce to dress spinach and grilled chicken salad.

22. Spice up tartar sauce for fish or crab cakes.

23. Mix with soy sauce, sesame oil, and sweet rice vinegar to make a dipping sauce for green onion cakes.

24. pianoboy recommends making a popcorn topping “in a ketchup-like-squeeze bottle (the kind with the thin, cone-shaped nozzle) [with] tamari, cider vinegar, and Sriracha to taste. Apply liberally while popcorn is devoured.”

25. Use it as pizza sauce (discretion is recommended).

26. Pour it over vanilla ice cream (or make Sriracha ice cream, like Top Chef Casey did).

27. Combine with olive oil and cracked pepper to dip bread in.

28. Ruth Lafler mixes it with black cherry preserves to spread on ham sandwiches.

29. Mix with ketchup to dip fries in.

30. Add it to chocolate cake batter, like SF cupcakestress Karen Nguyen does.

31. Stir into polenta while cooking.

32. Use as an easy substitute for a chopped hot pepper in recipes.

33. JBC says, “Pasta + Red Sauce + Sriracha = Asian Arrabbiata.”

34. JC sauces raw cubed ahi tuna with mayo, Sriracha, and togarashi, then serves it on a bed of seaweed salad.

35. lyn mixes it with poached eggs, Greek yogurt, and feta for breakfast.

36. Put away the Crystal or Frank’s RedHot, and use Sriracha instead on fried chicken.

37. Add to Italian dressing.

38. Mix with wasabi and Greek yogurt for a spicy vegetable dip.

39. Add to ballpark mustard for a dip, or use as a zingy sausage or hot dog topping.

40. Mix with miso dressing (Red Shell is the preferred kind) for use on cold noodles.

41. Make’s Sriracha Deviled Eggs. Or, as mrbigshotno.1 says:

“Wanna try something good? I call them Rooster Bombs…prepare your favorite deviled eggs then stick the nozzle of sriracha down in the yolk filling and squeeze about 1/4 tsp into it, yeah baby! (of course take off the nozzle afterwards and wash it.)”

42. CreativeFoodie42 uses it as a marinade for chicken nuggets, along with ginger and white rice vinegar, then dips the chicken chunks in egg and panko breadcrumbs and bakes them.

43. Dommy! creates a dipping sauce for gyoza by mixing Sriracha with hoisin sauce and rice cooking wine.

44. Jazz up your hummus or falafel.

45. lyn uses it in a spicy tomato and blue cheese soup.

46. Put it in cocktail sauce instead of horseradish.

47. Mix with barbecue sauce and mustard for dipping corn dogs.

48. Use instead of cayenne in our chile-spiked hot chocolate recipe.

49. Mix with melted marshmallows when making Rice Krispies Treats.

50. Mix with pickled vegetables for quick Korean-style banchan.

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