Chowhounds’ best sandwiches range from childhood favorites to world cuisine between slices of bread. Here are a few to try.

Bacon works with almost anything in sandwiches:

• with mayo
• with avocado
• with fried eggs
• with bermuda onion
• with carrots on soda bread
• with peanut butter, grilled
• with radish sprouts and feta cheese

JungMann creates a variation on banh mi using white bread with mayo, sambal oelek, vinegar slaw, cilantro, head cheese, ham, and fish sauce.

Fruit is the star of many Chowhound favorites, as in:

• almond butter, figs, and honey
• peanut butter, orange marmalade, and strawberries
• peanut butter and chutney
• mango slices, goat cheese, and ham
• mango chutney, roast beef, and Stilton
• almond butter, apple or pear, and sea salt
• chicken, raspberries, romaine, cheese, and vinaigrette
turkey, cranberry sauce, green apple, and Brie

And last but not least, these favorites:

viperlush recalls a white bread with butter and sprinkles (jimmies) sandwich from his childhood.

southernitalian makes a quick one with frozen fish sticks, baked and assembled on a toasted English muffin with melted cheese and tartar sauce.

malibumike makes a breakfast sandwich with fried Spam, a fried egg, American cheese, mayo, and tomato.

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