Time Magazine is kind enough to offer us a preview of the just-released food-porn tome My Last Supper. The book asks 50 chefs to imagine what they’d like to have for their final meal, pairing their responses (and recipes!) with polished, revealing portraits that turn toadlike chefs into princely Hollywood stars. Who wouldn’t spend some time staring at chefs hoisting huge lobsters or Mario Batali with a headful of beets?

The Time slideshow excerpt features a handful of the profiled chefs with shortened versions of their final meals, but you’ll probably still find lots to get hungry for among the logrolling and forbidden birds.

Most of the chefs choose nonbaroque meals rooted in their own specialties, but there are a few who let their inner gourmands loose, like Scott Conant, whose last meal would include:

[F]ried chicken served with sweet corn; spit-roasted goat; a whole fish cooked in lobster broth with baby tomatoes and fresh basil; Neapolitan Gatto (a mashed potato dish); and white truffles.

Final warning: Do not click over unless you’ve already eaten.

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