hummingbird is addicted to two flavors of Blue Bunny ice cream: Bordeaux Cherry Chocolate and Coconut Macaroon Crunch. TongoRad likes the chocolate Drumstick-like ice cream cones called Champ, full of rich ice cream, dark chocolate chips, and crushed chocolate cookies. spellweaver16 likes the Homemade Turtle Sundae flavor and is a fan of the light mint chocolate chip ice cream, with its strong mint flavor, dark chocolate chips, and lack of odd artificial sweetener taste. In general, the light and sugar-free flavors from Blue Bunny are pretty good—but stay away from the chocolate frozen yogurt, which is grainy and pretty fake tasting, says spellweaver16.

reannd likes the yogurt cups, which are made without high-fructose corn syrup (though they contain Splenda) and come in such exciting flavors as black currant, pomegranate blueberry, and blackberry lingonberry.

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