There’s an excellent new Peruvian spot in Tarzana called Lima, reports maggielyn.

In a former supper club tucked in the back of a shopping center, the restaurant is more upscale than many Peruvian joints. But don’t worry, it’s got your aji, your choclo, your Pisco Sours, and your chicha morada. The chef is from Lima, and the waitstaff seems to be made up largely of Peruvian students, who are ready and enthusiastic ambassadors of their globally influenced food.

Tallarines with beef, one of Peru’s typical Chinese hybrids, is like a really good tomato beef chow mein, says Galen, with very tender meat.

Seafood and steak are good bets, particularly the shrimp saltado—a stir-fry with french fries—and salmon in maracuyá (passion fruit) sauce. Tacu-tacu, an Afro-Peruvian dish of bean-and-rice fritters, is delish. There’s also Italian-Peruvian fusion in the form of spaghetti in a spicy cheese sauce that’s usually served over potatoes.

For dessert, there’s a lovely (and substantial) tres leches cake to finish off your meal.

Lima Peruvian Cuisine & Lounge [San Fernando Valley]
19540 Ventura Boulevard, Tarzana

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