Spiny lobster season has arrived, and the freshest and cheapest place to get ’em is Pearson’s Port in Newport Beach, for $16.99.

On price alone, 99 Ranch always saves the day: $14.99 at the Artesia branch, $15.99 in San Gabriel.

Fish King in Glendale gets spinies daily, though it steams them all in the morning. Call the night before if you want some put aside. They’re going for $22.59 a pound, averaging 1 1/4 pounds. Very sweet and yummy, says PurpleTeeth.

Same price and size goes for Quality Seafood at Redondo Pier, where they’re meaty and flavorful, says torty.

Santa Monica Seafood has the goods too, but no word on pricing.

Pearson’s Port [Orange County]
100 E. Coast Highway, Newport Beach

99 Ranch Market [San Gabriel Valley]
17713 Pioneer Boulevard, Artesia

99 Ranch Market [San Gabriel Valley]
140 W. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

Fish King Seafood & Poultry Company [Eastside]
722 N. Glendale Avenue, Glendale

Quality Seafood [South Bay]
130 S. International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach

Santa Monica Seafood [Westside]
1205 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica

Santa Monica Seafood [Orange County]
154 E. 17th Street, Costa Mesa

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