Cutty’s is a newish Brookline Village sandwich shop that’s moved into one of those restaurant graveyards where place after place fails. But a December Boston Globe interview with owner Charles Kelsey that identified Kelsey as a former Cook’s Illustrated editor got the hounds all worked up, and it appears their anticipation was not in vain.

According to Allstonian, the Cutty’s space is “simple, pretty” and “nice and bright,” with white walls and lots of wood. The food lives up to the surroundings, particularly the lunch sandwiches, which lizbomze calls “really, really good.” The best one is the roasted pork, served with either pickled fennel and roasted garlic or broccoli rabe and provolone, as well as a side of “perfectly seasoned homemade potato chips.”

BarmyFotheringayPhipps tried ham and pimiento cheese as well as the roast beef sandwich, “both of which were outstanding and entirely good value for money. These are top-quality ingredients perfectly matched: they don’t need to be huge to be satisfying.” And they’re not: Some people may think the sandwiches are a bit small, particularly if they try ordering a half sandwich. But with everything on the menu in the under-$10 range, hounds agree that Cutty’s offers good value.

Cutty’s [South Shore]
284 Washington Street, Brookline

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