The quest for Korean stewed goat, an intermittent Chowhound obsession, has led to Bangane in Flushing. coasts says it comes two ways here: cooked in the kitchen then shredded and served with scallion, or cooked at the table in broth (he prefers the latter).

Bangane’s dak kalbi (spicy chicken), samgyetang (ginseng- and garlic-stuffed chicken in soup), and barbecued beef kalbi (short rib), cut “L.A. style” in thin slices across the bones, are some of the best in town, coasts adds, and its kimchee is even better than Gah Mee Ok’s, which many consider New York’s reigning champion.

Bangane, in the heart of Korean Flushing, has largely managed to stay off the mainstream radar, but it’s no secret to Koreans; “best to go in winter,” coasts advises, “as summer gets crazy with long waits.”

Bangane [Flushing]
165-19 Northern Boulevard (near 165th Street), Flushing, Queens

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