What Cookie Would Snooki Make?

To all our Bay Area readers: The Chocolate Cookie Situation is coming.

There are really very few cookoff events as entertaining as SF Food Wars. Not to mention nourishing. And I say that as a proud sponsor—CHOW has covered all four of the events so far, and from the first (Mac Battle Royale with Cheese) to the last (the Yeast Affliction bread bake-off), they have been uniformly awesome. And filling.

Next battle is the aforementioned Chocolate Cookie Situation, on March 21 at Mighty. Tickets will go on sale on March 5 (and they often sell out fast). The call for entries is up now, and only serious Jersey Shore–obsessed cookie-makers need apply. Or only serious chocolate-cookie makers who have a passing knowledge of what the phrase "The Situation" refers to. Or just people who make really good cookies who can figure out the theme at some point.

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