Fresh, light, subtle, delicious—this is what the cooking of the Hakka, an ethnic people in southeast China, is like. Authentic, delicate, and skillful—this is how Chowhounds describe the new Hakka Restaurant, run by the former chef of the well-regarded Golden Mountain in Hayward.

Golden crab with salted egg yolk is a knockout dish, the rich saltiness of the yolk a wonderful contrast with the sweetness of Dungeness crab. And homestyle frog legs with basil does right by these amphibians, says wanderlust21: “The meat was mild and succulent with a sauce flavorful yet subtle enough that it did not overwhelm the meat.”

Arrowroot bulb with roasted pork, a new year’s dish that hopefully will stick around, pairs the velvety, starchy arrowroot with plenty of roast pork “in a savory almost caramelized gravy would keep any meat and potatoes eater happy.” Melanie Wong says.

For a classic Hakka dish, the restaurant’s salt-baked chicken doesn’t disappoint: the roasted heritage bird with juicy, tender meat goes perfectly with ginger-scallion sauce and its own flavorful pan drippings, Melanie says. She was also impressed by another Hakka classic, meltingly tender pork bacon with preserved greens in a well-balanced master sauce that she predicts will only get better as time goes on.

Bamboo pith with pea sprouts is incredibly tender, the vegetables soaked in a delicious broth, says asianstamp.

Hakka Restaurant [Outer Richmond District]
4401-A Cabrillo Street, San Francisco

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