Taqueria Reynoso is an odd little sit-down place with all the ambiance of a taco truck. “And yet, I keep coming back—even odder, I keep coming back for things I don’t ordinarily order,” says daveena.

The taco dorado de barbacoa isn’t something you see very often—a crisp-fried taco, a little larger than the usual, with a barbacoa filling that’s velvety soft. Carne asada “has bits of beef that are fried hard, so that they hit a magical texture between jerky and bacon. Delicious.” Tacos campechano combine the asada with chorizo—”on good days, there’s an extra sprinkling of crispy bits on top,” daveena notes.

And burritos al pastor are a perfect collage of ingredients: “the rice is fluffy and firm, the beans tender and flavorful (but not mushy), the al pastor savory with the stain of chorizo fat.” Don’t get carried away and order the super burrito version: “with the super, all the extra components drowned out the simple, perfect execution that makes this burrito so remarkable.”

“I’ve only tried a few things here because the torta ahogada is so delicious,” says Constant Velocity. That’s a sandwich with meat (their carnitas are the bomb) and beans, “drowned” in one chile-hot sauce and another, limey one.

The chilaquiles are also quite good.

Taqueria Reynoso [East Bay]
3329 Foothill Boulevard, Oakland

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