Bacon is delicious, rich, fatty; we all know this, says Chef Tim Love in the Daily Beast. But this thing where we put it in everything, that’s got to stop. The bacon flavor takes over, for starters: “With any ingredient, no matter how versatile, it is the chef’s job to temper it. Instead, because it’s so popular right now, bacon serves as the quick fix to provide crowd-pleasing smoky fatty richness and flavor.” It’s familiar, it’s easy, and it’s also tired: “When eaters see bacon on a menu, they know exactly what they’re getting, just like the familiar reassurance of a slice of pizza or French fries. Plus, bacon’s just never fancy, so no one feels intimidated ordering it.”

Could we please get past it? No bacon-wrapped beer mugs. No bacon candles. No more cocktails with a strip of bacon in them. Try a new pig part, maybe even a whole different animal. Love’s a dove hunter; hey, would it count if we started knocking off city pigeons?

Are you sick of bacon being slapped onto everything?

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