What do you do with that big block of guava paste? It’s traditionally paired with cheese as a cracker or crostini topping—and it pairs with a huge variety of cheeses, “from Manchego to queso blanco to cream cheese,” says goodhealthgourmet. “I enjoy a slice with an equal amount of cream cheese and a cold glass of milk, delicious!” says mrbigshotno.1. In this way, it’s practically interchangeable with quince paste, known as membrillo in Spanish, says goodhealthgourmet.

But don’t relegate guava paste to the cheese plate. “Replace the fruit purée in a fruit muffin recipe with the guava paste,” suggests goodhealthgourmet, or “use in place of preserves to glaze meat or fish (e.g. glazed pork tenderloin with guava instead of apricot).” Emme suggests guava as the base for a sweet potato glaze. “Reduce some over heat with butter, bake the sweet potatoes, then slice open, baste the tops and broil ’til golden and gooey,” she suggests. Or try making oatmeal squares with guava filling: “make a crust, then spread with guava cubes, then sprinkle with more oat crumble, and bake,” says Emme.

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