Though Flour chef Joanne Chang is famous enough for her sticky buns that she won a throwdown with Bobby Flay, hounds are widely divided on the baked goods at her Fort Point and South End shops. “I’ve never had a single thing from Flour that really tasted special or worth a trip,” says StriperGuy, while Buddernut says, “My 5 inch tongue says whoooaaa, when we going back?”

Favored items, according to Flour fans:

• Those famous sticky buns, though they typically sell out. tweetie phones ahead: “No problem taking the order and they are packed and ready when you arrive.”
• Hazelnut-almond dacquoise cake; best eaten at room temperature, rather than chilled straight out of the bakery case.
• Chang’s version of the Oreo.
• Raspberry-lime rickies.
• The lamb sandwich; sandwiches in general are a strong point, particularly the lamb, the BLT, and the vegan sandwich: “grilled tofu, grilled veg, olive tapenade, panini’d bread,” drools bella_sarda.
• Banana bread.
• Lime-cornmeal cookies.

Chang plans to open a Cambridge outpost in June.

Flour Bakery + Cafe [Fort Point]
12 Farnsworth Street, Boston

Flour Bakery + Cafe [South End]
1595 Washington Street, Boston

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