MC Slim JB sums up the charms of L’Osteria in three sentences: “My old boss was the quintessential salesman, always knew the right way to get to the heart of what a prospect wanted with aplomb and tact. L’Osteria was his favorite place in the North End to entertain clients. It’s not really my favorite style of Italian food, but his guests always raved about it, which was of course the point.”

L’Osteria is nonthreatening Italian: red sauce and dishes you’ll recognize, white tablecloths, professional and friendly service, and reasonable prices, considering the neighborhood—a recent dinner for six with wine topped out at $138 before tip. Science Chick had a fabulous meal there. “Excellent bread….nice crust and firm chewy texture. Their $7 Chianti glass was a great value (D.O.C.G.!!), as were the Caesar salad for 2….not too much dressing and the olive oil and lemon really shined through.”

Everything Science Chick’s party ordered was great, including manicotti, chicken L’Osteria, and most particularly the linguine with clams and garlic: “Some places give you such a watery concoction that you end up with plain tasting pasta and clams. Theirs clung well to the pasta and had plenty of garlic/oil/butter.” pasuga recommends the veal agrodolce, veal in a sweet-and-sour sauce of red wine and wine vinegar.

L’Osteria is kid-friendly, too, willing to alter dishes for picky young taste buds. “[F]irst time I had lunch there many years ago, the family kids (looked around 12) were bussing the tables—some of them are probably running the kitchen at this point,” says pasuga.

L’Osteria [North End]
104 Salem Street, Boston

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