You gotta give Thom Martin credit for taking cheap eats to a new extreme. This guy hosts, films, and edits the very lo-fi show Eat for a Week, in which he cooks inexpensive meals in bulk and eats the leftovers all week long. In recent episodes, he has whipped up a 12-quart pot of Trinidadian corn soup for a mere $11, meatloaf made with three pounds of ground beef for $16.50, and a “Hearty Potato Salad” made with five pounds of potatoes, sausages, and chicken for just over eight bucks.

The recipes seem totally edible, especially if you’re a poor college kid or a broke bachelor in search of large portions on a small budget. But corn soup for a week? For reals? Even in my poorest years right after college, I made the most of my rice-and-beans budget by mixing up the day-to-day flavors: black bean soup one night and chickpea stew the next, with leftovers for lunch in between.

Sure, I’m a big food nerd, and I know there are people all over the world who don’t have the luxury of eating different foods every day. But, seriously, is there any dish—for any budget—that could still taste delicious for the seventh consecutive dinner?

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