Crispy fried catfish, pulled pork with Carolina-style vinegar bite, and macaroni and cheese with a gentle chile kick are early hound favorites at month-old Pies-n-Thighs, which dishes up Southern-accented chow from a makeshift kitchen at the back of Williamsburg’s Rock Star Bar.

Other winners: tangy lemonade, Brunswick stew, sausage and gravy, apple or Key lime pies, and apple-rhubarb cobbler that w/l says rivals good homemade versions. “Lots of fun–would certainly go back,” writes shrimpbird.

Dissenters fault fried chicken (crisp but bland, says brooklynsabra), dried-out barbecued pork, and hit-or-miss sides (good black-eyed peas, weak collard greens, overly vinegary cole slaw).

Pies-N-Thighs [Williamsburg]
351 Kent Ave., entrance on S. 5th St., Brooklyn

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