Ace of Cakes they ain’t, but the New York City Google food stormtroopers built a massive scale-model cake of their block-long building in order to celebrate the office’s one-year anniversary.

After a few weeks of developing the plans, it was time to start pouring the foundation. The actual production took four days, with seven of us (two sous chefs, two pastry chefs, our executive chef, a line cook, and me) working on it. In total, we used 630 eggs, 105 pounds of sugar and 20 pounds of butter. The finished product was five feet long, three feet high and two feet wide. Now that’s a lot of cake!

And in order to make sure there was no “waste,” the cake-creation team embarked upon an ambitious—some would say sadistic—campaign intended to get every last bite of the cake into workers at the New York branch. Efforts included a rotating assault of cake doughnuts, cake trifle, and cake pudding.

As per usual: It’s tough to be a Google employee.

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