Bistro-choked Park Slope finally has a creditable West Indian roti. The humble Nibble Nook rolls out an excellent one stuffed with spicy potato, Barry Strugatz reports. Other fillings are goat, shrimp, chicken, beef, and vegetable (Scotch bonnet peppers optional). It’s not the best in Brooklyn—for that, most hounds would look to Flatbush, Crown Heights, or Prospect Heights—but it’s easily the best in the Slope, and it comes with a superfriendly island vibe.

The Nook is also a candy store and bakery. Check out the cookies—sweet, simple, and “un-Europeanized,” says PAL.

Nibble Nook [Park Slope]
349 Fifth Avenue (between Fifth and Sixth streets), Brooklyn

Board Link: Roti finally arrives in P. Slope

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