Berkeley Bagel sells a good water-boiled bagel, says rworange, with a satisfying chew and a nice bagel skin. The toppings are also extremely satisfying. Everything is well balanced here; they put just the right amount of smear on each bagel, and what lovely smears they are. The green and black olive smear, with the right ratio of chopped olives to cream cheese, is excellent on the specialty olive bagels, made only on the weekends. Chile cilantro smear is great on a jalapeño cheese bagel (get it toasted to bring out the jalapeño flavor). Also try the honey raisin walnut smear on a super cinnamon raisin bagel. Or have some Acme whitefish spread on your bagel. Or be adventurous and order a kauche, which costs 99 cents and somehow involves a minifrank.

Coffee is inexpensive and good. There are lots of options for vegans here, including vegan smears and three flavors of Tofutti. Bagels are $7.25 for a baker’s dozen. Order at the counter, and when your order is complete, pay at the register. Enjoy.

Berkeley Bagel [East Bay]
1281 Gilman Street, Albany

Board Link: Albany: Berkeley Bagel on Gilman – Thai Iced tea, Vietnamese coffee, kalauchee, vegan smears, hummus and Acme whitefish spread

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